700 Ways To Get Inspired – With Author Troy Gathers

700 Ways To Get Inspired – With Author Troy Gathers

700 Ways To Get Inspired – With Author Troy Gathers

It’s been forever known that there is power in the written word. This is why when things get tough, you can often find many people turning to motivational and inspirational quotes to get through the day. These are quotes that we can relate to, that help us to feel empowered, and that provide us with a call to action. One outstanding inspirational book that we recommend is Take Me With You written by Author Troy Gathers.

Thanks so much for being here Troy. Tell us a little bit about yourself? Greetings, I would like to thank you first and foremost for the opportunity to speak to your audience and those interested in what I do. My name is Troy Gathers and I’m a native of Charleston, SC. I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia. My background is in Philosophy and I’m here to talk to you today about my first book titled Take Me With You.

Well congratulations on publishing your first book! What an exciting time! Can you share with us, what inspired you to write? I get asked that question a lot. My inspiration to write comes from many places. I pull from my faith, I pull from experiences, and I pull from life. I’m inspired by everyday daily life. I’m excited about this book and plan to write many more but first things first, Take Me With You.

Why did you want to write this book specifically? The everyday negative world that we live in is what draws me to being positive and writing about positivity. People can tear you down and rip you apart if you let them. I want to use my voice to inspire and uplift people. I will stand up and be counted for progression and success.

That definitely is inspiring! Even for me, just hearing you say that makes me want to take action and spread positivity. With many inspirational books on the market, what makes this book different? The character in the book is what makes it different. Take Me With You has one main character and that character is YOU, the reader. It is designed to challenge you and question your actions. Take Me With You is filled with positive words and life lessons. It also includes a monthly review to look back at how you have been spending the past month. These questions are to be answered by the reader of the book. You are the main character.

There are three chapters in the book: Friends, Family, and Faith. The book is broken into 2 daily quotes giving readers the ability to finish the book in one complete calendar year. Each quote is designed to help readers to dig deep and experience a transformation that can lead them to living a more positive and fulfilling lifestyle as it relates to the three chapter topics.

Wow! I love that! And there are 700 original quotes in this book? That’s simply amazing. Yes, all of those quotes and all of my ideas come from the man upstairs. Throughout my life, I have been guided and protected. When I was younger we moved a lot and because of that I ended up going to 8 different grade schools. I had to deal with many obstacles; always being the new kid on the block. But the man upstairs protected me and as time went on, I was not affected by those distractions. Instead, I was able to focus on my education and living a positive life. I appreciate it all and I try to pay it forward.

So Troy, if you could only tell us one thing about the book, what would you want us to know? I want the world to know that Take Me With You is not just a quote book but a life book. This book can go anywhere with you. It doesn’t matter what walk of life you come from, Take Me With You can be an addition to your daily routine. The words in this book can be utilized by a top executive as well as a grade school scholar. The knowledge base is that broad. The book is composed of thought provoking statements that will help you bring about positive change in your life.

Well we need more positivity in the world. You can’t get enough of that. Just out of curiosity, do you plan to publish any additional books? Yes. Take Me With You is a volume series. Be sure to keep your eyes open for future projects. You can learn more about this book and future projects on the Take Me With You Facebook page.

Our readers will surely want to purchase Take Me With You book, where can they find it? Take Me With You can be purchased on Amazon.com and Kindle.

Troy Gathers is an American Author, Public Speaker, and Entrepreneur. He is the author of the inspirational literary work Take Me With You. Gathers is an avid philanthropist who travels to churches, schools, and prisons providing words of encouragement. You can connect with Author Troy Gathers on the Take Me With You Facebook page.

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