Build Passive Income with The Amazing Money Machine – Author Interview with Noah Wieder

Build Passive Income with The Amazing Money Machine – Author Interview with Noah Wieder

Build Passive Income with The Amazing Money Machine –Author Interview with Noah Wieder

We’ve discussed passive income in the past as a great reason to begin writing! But writing isn’t the only way to generate this sought after stream of income. Once you get started, it can be easy to gain momentum with creating the level of financial freedom you desire! Impact Learning Publications brought in Noah Wieder, Author of The Amazing Money Machine to talk more about one specific way he uses to generate passive income and how you can be successful putting his practices in motion!

Thanks so much for being here today Noah. Tell us a little bit about yourself? Well, that’s a loaded question. I am a father, a punster, and dog lover, a digital marketer, a computer geek, an author, a publisher, and a serial entrepreneur. I am founder of which is an online business focused on helping investors own and operate profitable ATM machines. I am also founder of (now, a public records and information broker with a nationwide network of private investigator services.

When I’m not in front of my triple 27″ monitors, using my iPad, connected to my Samsung Note Smartphone, reading spiritual literature, keeping up on the latest Digital Marketing trends, networking at meetups, you can find me enjoying being the father of two great boys (Isaac and Jacob), living and working a bike ride away from moonlight beach. Life’s Good!

Fantastic! Well congratulations on publishing your first book! What an exciting time! Can you share with us, what inspired you to write this book, The Amazing Money Machine? I want to share information about passive income and how to generate it. I’ve been doing it for the past 20+ years and it has afforded me the opportunity to live in Southern California, work a block from the beach, and live the dream. It’s given me the freedom to choose the hours I work, even if I want a 4 hour work week. I was inspired to write The Amazing Money Machine a few years ago when I noticed no real concise guide or book about the industry. I ended up spending hours and hours on the phone with people interested in the business and started recording my side of the conversations and saw a pattern of repeating a lot of the information that people wanted. So I turned the recordings and many of my other articles into a book. I want to teach others how to build a passive income in the ATM Business. Stop trading time for money, when you can work less and live more.

Okay! You’ve definitely got my attention! With many books on the market about generating passive income, what makes this book different? The Amazing Money Machine explains why people pay upwards of $3.00 every time they use a non-bank ATM and how YOU CAN EARN THAT ENTIRE FEE to build wealth and earn a passive income from just a few hundred dollars a month to tens of thousands! Have you ever used an ATM Machine that wasn’t part of your bank and had to press the key to say “YES – I agree to pay the Surcharge Fee”? How would you like to be the one collecting that fee, every time the ATM gets used?

Wow! That sounds simply amazing! If you could only tell us one fact about your book, what would you want us to know? This is a tell all book about how people just like you and me can own and operate an ATM Machine and make annual returns that far exceed any conventional investment strategy, with a lot less risk. This once secretive business, only meant for Bankers, Wealthy Individuals, and people “in the know” is now a wide open opportunity. It’s basically a Guidebook or an ATM business blueprint, if you will, of how to be successful in the ATM Business. While there are many companies trying to sell ATM Franchises (I don’t recommend one), I’ll show you all the pieces to the ATM business without having to spend money on an ATM Franchise. I believe it was Milton Berle that said, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, it’s time to build a door!” This book includes the tools and materials to build your door. Isn’t it time to pick up the tools, and build it?

Information share is booming in the world today. People want to know what you are doing and how you are doing it to get a similar level of success for themselves! So, thank you for sharing this with us! One of the reviewers of your book said, “Reading this book inspired me to buy my first ATM machine. Since then I have several machines operating and generating cash on a daily basis. The book describes an income opportunity that is wide open to anyone willing to take it. The author describes, in great detail, how to buy a machine, find a location and service it. I found it clearly written, concise and easy to follow. I am now enjoying an extra income that is growing as I add machines…I highly recommend this book.” That being said, where can we go to purchase your book and get started building our own passive income? My book is currently in the Amazon book store online.

Click here to read more about Wieder and the benefits of owning an ATM.

weiderNoah Wieder is an American Author and acclaimed entrepreneur. He is the author of The Amazing Money Machine: How to Make Money and Build A Passive Income Owning and Operating ATM Machines. Wieder is a loving father of two and loves to enjoy life! You can follow Wieder on LinkedIn or Facebook.


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