Good Writers Vs Bad Writers. Which Are You?


There are two types of writers in this world: good writers and bad writers. You might think that it’s really hard to be a good writer, but actually it’s not as hard as you think. During my time writing, I’ve learned many things and most of all I’ve learned that the difference between good and bad writers is not how well they write but more so if they can stick with it.


Good Writers

You can always find a good writer reading. They spend lots of time reading books that other writers have written. They value the craft of written words and they are inspired to hear what others have to say. They also read to support other writers, research their genre of writing, and stay current with their audience’s expectations by reading books of best sellers.


Good writers understand that perfection does not exist. They draw from real word experiences, giving their readers the ability to relate to them. They are not ashamed of their story and are willing to put it out their for the world to see. They help, they love, they entertain, and they inspire all through the power of the written word.


Good writers have passion. You can feel that passion when reading their books. They take their time writing and editing and getting everything just right for you. They care about giving you a great work. 


Good writers can take criticism and they can take it well. They actually encourage your feedback and are happy when you give it (most of the time). They use your criticism to improve their work. Hey, some even may give you a thank you in the book! 


Good writers are committed. They write everyday, day in, day out, day front, day back, day right, day left…okay I’m exaggerating here but they do work pretty hard and write often. They do this because they want to put a great product out there for you to enjoy.  


Bad Writers

Believe it or not, there’s one true quality to being a bad writer and that’s the fact that you don’t finish. Bad writers give up. These are the writers who never finish their work. The ones that won’t put the required work in to get it done. We all have something to say and we all have a unique voice…let your voice be heard. Once you understand the benefit of using your voice via the power of written word, you can easily transition from bad writer to good writer.


What do you think is the difference between good writers and bad writers?

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