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Adesuwa Ekunwe was born in Lansing, Michigan.  However, she claims Mississippi as her home.  She was raised in Clinton, Mississippi and graduated from Clinton High School.  After completing high school, Adesuwa chose to attend Jackson State University, where both of her parents were alumni and faculty. Adesuwa is an honors chemistry pre-medicine major at Jackson State University. She is Vice President of the American Chemical Society and is a student researcher for the Partnership for Research and Education in Materials program.  She recently founded the Jackson State University Dance Marathon, which aims to raise funds for the local children’s hospital. After completing her duration at Jackson State University, Adesuwa plans to attend medical school with the aim of becoming a surgeon or Pediatric Oncologist.  She hopes to devote some of her medical career to aiding underdeveloped countries and eventually train future medical students. Follow Adesuwa at @daisiesxo.

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Adesuwa Ekunwe


Grown & Gone: Stories and tips to help students survive their first independent year of college is a great book of real world stories and tips shared by college students and one high school senior. The contributors of this book are very candid as they explain their troubles and triumphs during their undergraduate year. 


If you are a high school student or a college freshman, I bet you’ve got your first year of college all figured out. You are about to have the time of your life – parties, friends, fun, your own dorm room, and a bit of school work. The next few years of college will be just like high school, except no parents, no curfews, and thank goodness – no lectures. Well, that’s what we thought too. But, things don’t always work out like we think they will. If you want real life stories and tips that will help you improve your college experience, this is the book for you.


Inspiring stories. Real-life tips for High School and College students. This should be a MUST read for high school students to give them the real facts about going to college from students just like them. As a college professor, I wish ALL my students read this book before they started college.

-Dr. Stevie Dawn Blakely, CEO, Orange Compass
 I absolutely LOVE this book! Awesome, Awesome! This is a book that every college freshman should read!
-Dr. Felicia McGowan, Assistant Professor, Alcorn State University
Grown & Gone is a fantastic compilation of personal stories to give incoming college freshman a quick dose of reality. This book offers the truth about the hardships of attending college for the first time, how best to deal with professors, and how to learn from the mistakes of others. Don’t skip the checklists and challenges at the end of the book — they are a great way to prepare your high school senior for what comes next! Highly recommended!
-Dawn M. Wooten, Adjunct Professor, Purdue University at Fort Wayne
This is such a great book–so many good messages and impactful stories! 
-Stephanie Diaz, Author of the Extraction book series
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