Thinking Outside the Box – Author Interview with Matthew B. Thompson

Thinking Outside the Box – Author Interview with Matthew B. Thompson

Thinking Outside the Box – Author Interview with Matthew B. Thompson

Thanks so much for being here today Matthew. Tell us a little bit about yourself? I’m a native Texan and an avid fan of science, science-fiction, and history. My background is in physics and biology with a very good understanding of engineering and evolutionary genetics. I was stricken with a very serious tumor shortly after earning a Bachelor of Science degree. Although I had less than a 1% chance of survival, I was able to beat the odds which was a huge shock to my doctors. To shock the doctors even further, I started walking again, something that they thought I would never do. Since then, I’ve gotten married and I am now a stay-at-home father.

I enjoy writing. I’ve written five (5) books so far. I speak German so some of those books are German translations. Between German translations, ebooks, and soft-cover books, I’ve published 13 times.

Wow! You speak German! That’s really fantastic! Can you share with us, what inspired you to write the series, The Republic of Mars? I read a book called “Danny Dunn: Invisible Boy” and it really inspired me. It shows that invisibility is nearly the same thing as a clever camouflage. I started thinking more ‘out of the box.’ And that mindset was where many of my ideas come from.

It helped that I started writing in Junior high school, when there was such a thing. A couple of very good English teachers saw more in me than I saw in myself. One of them saw that I had advanced computer skills and story-telling abilities. I went on to win a writing contest for our city. High School and college got me hip-deep in science. A couple of decades later, I was writing papers on Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Greek texts when I noticed a pattern. That same pattern existed in literally dozens of ancient texts. Different cultures describe the same thing in different ways. They use metaphors, analogies, and even personification. Studying one culture makes it confusing, but studying dozens of cultures make it clear. They were talking about aliens, but NOT the short, big-eyed aliens we’ve heard about.

They were defeated by a highly advanced, ancient HUMAN culture. I’m not sure either one of them is gone, either.

Well, you definitely have my attention! Can you give our readers more information about your books? Yes, The Republic of Mars: Fifth Era is book 1 of the series. It’s set in 2026 with the appearance of a UFO that emerges from the Pacific Ocean and hovers over Washington, D.C. As the White House attempts to negotiate, they realize that real danger has arrived. Mankind has reached a crossroad. The Republic of Mars: Stage 4 continues the relationship with the visitors: the Osirians and the Atlanteans. Things had been set in motion to cripple Earth. Americans must make a decision that they’ve never made before. How will they survive this?

Wow! The conversation of living on Mars has been prevalent today. So the series seems to answer some questions for us that we’ve been pondering about. I would highly recommend to my readers that they purchase the books in this series! Matthew, many of my readers aspire to become published authors but they feel that writing is hard. What advice would you give to the readers about making writing easier? Developing a system makes the process a bit easier. Here’s what works for me:

1. I start with one idea. It might be a couple of lines or a paragraph long.
2.-5. I’ll research it, map it into an outline, research a bit more, and then outline it a bit more.
6.-7. I’ll follow the outline and write the basic story. There’s usually SOMETHING wrong, so I’ll fix it, which re-writes part of the story.
8. Edit it, paragraph by paragraph.
9. Wait 3-4 days (It takes 3 days to get “fresh eyes.)
10. Edit again.
11. Have someone else proofread it.
12. Fix any problems (I might add tiny bits of info, too.)
13. Format (which can be a process in itself.)
14. Publish.

That’s great information Matthew! Certainly something that the readers can put to use. Have you written any other books?  All my books are plausible. There isn’t just a nugget of truth in them, there’s a couple of shovelfuls of truth in them. I pride myself in being an individual with an open mind and I think it’s important that we find those topics that we are interested in to write more about. Some of the other books I’ve written are:

Pretty interesting. Even though you write fiction, just based on your writing topics, it sounds like you come from a place of truth and you take that truth and use it as inspiration for your writing. Really cool stuff! If you could tell our readers one thing that they can take away from you as an expert author, what would that be? There isn’t one answer. You can have two answers for one thing and they’re both true. Apples are red and green. The same apple can be green and turn red. There’s also yellow, gold, pink, spotted, and others. Sometimes the ‘experts’ are fibbing about the truth. They either don’t know, guessing the right answer, or the right answer conflicts with their personal beliefs. This isn’t always true, though. There are some very knowledgeable experts out there. It’s also possible that a very knowledgeable expert is wrong about one thing. We are NOT done with exploring and discovering new things!

Awesome! Thank you so much man, for being here with us today! It has been our pleasure having you! Can you tell our readers where they can go to purchase your books? While my books are intermittently available on iTunes’ iBooks Store, Amazon, Nook, and other book stores, they’re regularly available on Smashwords.

Matthew B. Thompson is a successful author of five books. He is the author of the hit series The Republic of Mars which includes The Republic of Mars: Stage 4 (Book 2 of the series)
The Republic of Mars: 5th Era (Book 1 of the series). Thompson is a loving father and loves to explore science! You can follow Thompson on Facebook.



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